Mike Miley Pickleball

Expansion of Mike Miley Pickleball Courts

Jefferson Parish Welcomes New Pickleball Courts at Mike Miley Playground

Jefferson Parish Council’s Commitment to Pickleball

Good news for pickleball enthusiasts in Jefferson Parish! The Parish Council has greenlit the construction of new pickleball courts at the Mike Miley Playground in Metairie. A whopping $938,000 has been allocated for this project, with bids already submitted and approved.

With pickleball’s soaring popularity in recent years, Jefferson Parish President Cynthia Lee Sheng highlighted its rapid growth, noting that between 300-500 residents engage in the sport weekly. The new courts at the Miley Pickleball Complex will cater to free play, leagues, and tournaments.

Mike Miley Pickleball: Modernizing Recreation Facilities

Lee Sheng emphasized the administration’s drive to modernize and optimize the use of recreational facilities across the parish. Jeb Klink of JPRD, a staunch advocate for the expansion, has been instrumental in this initiative, often documenting the overflowing capacity at Miley courts to emphasize the need for more spaces.

Indoor and Outdoor Pickleball in Jefferson Parish

Currently, Jefferson Parish offers indoor pickleball sessions at Delta, Johnny Bright, Little Farms, and Belle Terre playgrounds. Outdoor sessions are available at Wally Pontiff Jr., Miley, and Belle Terre playgrounds on tennis courts marked for pickleball. The upcoming indoor pickleball season at Jefferson Playground has already garnered interest from over 100 players. Additionally, a mixed doubles league at Pontiff recently concluded with over 50 participants, and a family pickleball league is set to kick off at Delta Playground next week.

Addressing the Tennis-Pickleball Dilemma

Mario Bazile, the Jefferson Parish Recreation Director, mentioned the new complex would allow tennis courts to be solely dedicated to tennis. This decision aims to appease “tennis purists” who prefer courts without pickleball markings. However, the pickleball community seems content playing wherever space is available. This raises the question: will the pickleball setups at Wally Pontiff Jr. and Belle Terre be dismantled once the Miley courts are operational?

Pickleball’s Growing Popularity

While most pickleball players are aged 40 and above, the sport is gaining traction among the younger generation. Its fun and fast-paced nature makes it accessible to all.

Ensuring the Success of the New Courts

For the project’s success, it’s crucial to prioritize the construction of the nine new courts before refurbishing the four tennis courts. While the plans seem comprehensive, concerns about amenities like restrooms, lights, and wind guards at the Mike Miley tennis courts have been raised. It’s essential that those involved in the project’s planning and approval are familiar with pickleball’s intricacies. Before commencing construction, consulting other nearby facilities and seeking feedback from the local pickleball community could be beneficial.

This expansion heralds exciting times for the pickleball community in the New Orleans area, promising enhanced facilities and more opportunities to play.

Recent Pickleball Tournaments in New Orleans

In August, two major pickleball tournaments in the New Orleans area witnessed a massive turnout. The Big Easy Pickleball Tournament boasted over 450 participants, while the Drew Brees NOLA Picklefest saw an impressive count of over 500 participants. Such events further emphasize the sport’s growing popularity in the region.

Current Pickleball Venues in the New Orleans Area

While the community eagerly awaits the completion of the new courts at Mike Miley Playground (projected completion in February of 2024), here’s a list of current locations where pickleball enthusiasts can play:

Free Venues

  • Mike Miley Playground
    600 Eisenhower Ave, Metairie, LA, 70003
  • Wally Pontiff Jr Playground
    1521 Palm St, Metairie, LA 70001
  • Gernon Brown Recreation Center
    1001 Harrison Ave, New Orleans, LA 70124
  • Mel Ott Multipurpose Center
    2301 Belle Chasse Hwy, Gretna, LA, 70053
  • Val Riess Complex
    1101 Magistrate St, Chalmette, LA, 70043
  • Jefferson Playground Gym
    4100 South Dr, New Orleans, LA, 70121

Pay to Play Venues

  • The Exchange Pickleball +Bar
    2120 Rousseau Street New Orleans, LA 70130
  • Hilton New Orleans Riverside
    2 Poydras St Fl 6, New Orleans, LA, 70130
  • City Park
    5900 Marconi Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana 70124
  • Ochsner Fitness Center Elmwood
    5403 Powell St, Elmwood, LA 70123
  • UNO Recreational Facility
    2000 Lakeshore Dr, New Orleans, LA 70148

Updated: Places to Play Pickleball in New Orleans area.

Mike Miley Pickleball Courts Conclusion

The expansion of the Mike Miley Pickleball Courts and the significant turnout at recent tournaments underscore the burgeoning popularity of pickleball in the New Orleans area. Jefferson Parish’s commitment to modernizing and expanding recreational facilities, coupled with the numerous venues available for enthusiasts, paints a promising picture for the sport’s future in the region. As the community anticipates the completion of the new courts, the existing venues continue to serve as vibrant hubs for players of all ages. The sport’s inclusive nature, combined with the community’s passion, ensures that pickleball will remain a cherished activity in Jefferson Parish and the New orleans area for years to come.

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