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Pickleball Krewe – P46 – Brent Roy

Pickleball Krewe – P46 – A Visit With Brent Roy, Accomplished Local 5.0+ Player And Coach” features a conversation with Brent Roy, an accomplished pickleball player and coach, conducted by the hosts Bud, Jeff, and Vicki. Here’s a detailed summary of the topics discussed in the video:

Brent Roy Introduction:

Ken had a scheduling conflict and won’t be joining.
Jeff introduces Brent Roy as a special guest, highlighting his significance in the Baton Rouge area pickleball scene.

Brent Roy’s Pickleball Journey:

  • Brent started playing pickleball in late 2013, encouraged by his wife who had played with a friend.
  • Initially, Brent was also playing golf but decided to focus on pickleball after realizing he needed to commit to one sport to improve.
  • He initially played without much knowledge or skill until receiving guidance from players like Tom Burkhart and Bonita.
  • He mentions his involvement in clinics and private lessons, indicating a busy schedule teaching and playing pickleball.

Partner Dynamics and Tournament Plans:

Brent discusses his mix Pro double partner, Taylor Taylor, and their plans for tournaments.
He mentions participating in the senior version of MLP pickleball called NPL and describes the selection process involving a combine.
Training Regimen and Equipment:

Brent talks about his training routine, including dinking games and practicing specific shots like drops, backhand blocks, slices, and topspins.
He mentions experimenting with a two-handed backhand grip.
Brent emphasizes the importance of having good equipment and shares his preference for a specific paddle.

Advice for Beginners:

Brent advises beginners to be aware of crossing the imaginary net line after hitting the ball, which results in a fault.
He highlights the importance of having patience in the game and recommends stretching before matches.

“Bur Under My Saddle” Segment:

Brent shares his frustration with line calls during matches, citing an incident with a player named J.R. Barrett who pleaded the 5th about whether the ball was in or out.

Tournament Previews:

Ken provides previews of upcoming pickleball tournaments in different locations, including Mobile, Vicksburg, and New Orleans.

Conclusion and Thanks to Brent Roy:

Jeff expresses gratitude to Brent Roy for appearing on the show and acknowledges the similarities between their efforts in promoting pickleball.
The hosts thank Brent for joining and discuss their own efforts in promoting pickleball through their show.

Overall, the video covers Brent Roy’s pickleball journey, training regimen, partner dynamics, frustrations with line calls, and upcoming tournament previews, along with insights and advice for beginners.

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