Pickleball Court Recommendations

Pickleball Court Recommendations for Mike Miley Playground

Pickleball Court Recommendations for the New Outdoor Facility at Mike Miley Playground

I am excited about the new outdoor pickleball facility at Mike Miley Playground and would like to share my insights and suggestions to ensure it provides the best possible experience for all players. As an avid pickleball player with extensive experience on various court types and facilities, I have observed what works well and what can be improved upon in the design and maintenance of pickleball courts. Please share your thoughts on pickleball court recommendations, so that we can share our voice with JPRD before this project gets started.

Pickleball Court Recommendations
Pickleball Court Recommendations

Pickleball Court Recommendations: Orientation

  • Fact: The orientation of the courts can affect gameplay due to the angle of the sun.
  • Suggestion: Orient the courts in a north-south direction to minimize the angle of the sun in players’ eyes.
  • Problem: East-west court orientation can lead to glare and difficulty seeing the ball.

Pickleball Court Construction

Court Surface

  • Fact: Asphalt surfaces with a cushiony barrier underneath provide a durable, smooth, and comfortable playing surface.
  • Suggestion: Use an asphalt surface with a cushiony barrier to minimize stress on players’ feet, joints, and body.
  • Problem: A hard court surface like straight cement can be tough on players’ knees and joints.

Surface Texture

  • Fact: The texture of the court surface can affect the bounce of the ball and the grip of the players’ shoes.
  • Suggestion: Use a court surface with a texture that provides good grip for shoes and a consistent bounce for the ball.
  • Problem: A too smooth or too rough surface can lead to inconsistent ball bounce and slipping hazards.

Court Colors and Surfacing

  • Fact: 100% acrylic coatings are recommended for surfacing pickleball courts. The recommended color scheme enhances visibility and aesthetics.
  • Suggestion: Use 100% acrylic coatings for the court surface and adhere to the recommended color scheme of white lines, red outside the court, blue court, and green kitchen.
  • Problem: Incorrect court colors or poor-quality surfacing can affect the visibility of the ball and the quality of play.

Court Access

  • Fact: Clear and convenient access points improve the player experience.
  • Suggestion: Design the facility layout to ensure easy access to each court without crossing over another court.
  • Problem: Inconvenient access points or a layout that requires crossing over courts can be frustrating to players.

Clear Court Markings and Signage

  • Fact: Clear court markings and signage are essential for a smooth and organized playing experience.
  • Suggestion: Ensure that all court markings are visible and accurate, and provide clear signage for court numbers, entrances, exits, and other important information.
  • Problem: Lack of clear court markings and signage can lead to confusion and disorganization.

Covered Benches Near the Courts

  • Fact: Outdoor pickleball facilities can expose players to harsh weather conditions such as sun and rain.
  • Suggestion: Install benches near the courts with coverings to provide shade and protection from rain, allowing players to rest comfortably between games.
  • Problem: Lack of shaded resting areas can lead to overheating, sunburn, or discomfort during rain.

Court Drainage

  • Fact: Proper drainage is essential to prevent water accumulation on the courts after rain.
  • Suggestion: Implement an effective drainage system to ensure the courts remain playable after wet weather.
  • Problem: Poor drainage can lead to damaged and waterlogged courts, making them unusable until they dry out.

Wind Screens

  • Fact: Wind can significantly affect the gameplay in outdoor pickleball facilities.
  • Suggestion: Install wind screens around the courts to minimize the impact of wind on the game.
  • Problem: Without wind screens, the game can become frustrating and less enjoyable during windy conditions.

Safety Measures

  • Fact: Plastic tubing on fencing prevents injuries from running into the fences.
  • Suggestion: Install plastic tubing along the top of all fencing dividers and regularly inspect them.
  • Problem: Absence of safety features can result in injuries.


  • Fact: Proper lighting extends the usable hours of the facility and improves the quality of play.
  • Suggestion: Invest in high-quality lighting systems and position them to minimize glare and shadows.
  • Poor lighting affects visibility and the quality of play.

Sound Dampening

  • Fact: Sound dampening measures reduce the impact of noise on the surrounding community.
  • Suggestion: Implement sound dampening measures such as a 10-foot surrounding margin and sound barriers.
  • Problem: Lack of sound dampening can result in noise complaints from nearby residents.


  • Fact: Adequate amenities enhance the player experience and attract more users.
  • Suggestion: Provide essential amenities like restrooms, gear storage, paddle racks, and more.
  • Problem: Absence of essential amenities can inconvenience players.

Water Options

  • Fact: Staying hydrated and energized is important for optimal performance during games.
  • Suggestion: Offer water stations for players to refuel during their games.
  • Problem: Lack of water can lead to dehydration and low energy levels.

Adequate Parking Facilities

  • Fact: Adequate parking facilities are important for the convenience of players and spectators.
  • Suggestion: Ensure there is sufficient parking space available for players, spectators, and facility staff.
  • Problem: Lack of adequate parking facilities can lead to congestion and frustration among players and spectators.


  • Fact: Sustainable practices reduce operational costs and environmental impact.
  • Suggestion: Implement sustainable practices like water-efficient landscaping and energy-efficient lighting.
  • Problem: Lack of sustainable practices can result in higher costs and environmental impact.

JPRD Pickleball Court Recommendations

By considering our pickleball court recommendations, JPRD can create a top-notch facility at Mike Miley Playground that meets the needs of its users and stands the test of time. These measures will not only enhance the player experience but also prevent potential challenges and issues that could arise in the future. We are looking forward to enjoying many games of pickleball at Mike Miley Playground. Please share your thoughts and suggestions, so that our voice as players can be shared with the fine people that are supplying these much-needed new courts in our community.

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  1. Please don’t put any writing or any logos on the court surface. Please use 10’ fences and cover them from top to bottom with dark colored windscreens. Please maintain high quality nets that will endure all weather conditions.

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