Pickleball Krewe - First Time Partner

Pickleball Krewe – First Time Partner

The podcast titled “Pickleball Krewe – P45 – First Time Partner? – Use These Tips To Succeed” discusses various aspects of playing with a partner for the first time in a pickleball tournament. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the discussed topics:


The hosts welcome the audience to the 45th podcast of the Pickleball Krewe and introduce the topic of playing with a partner for the first time in a tournament.

Pre-match Communication:

The importance of communication before the match to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
Example: Discussing preferred shots such as driving or dropping the ball.
Left-handed players may need to discuss strategies regarding the middle of the court.
Knowing the opponents’ playing styles if possible.

Observation Between Points:

Observing opponents’ reactions to different shots.
Adapting strategies based on observations.
Communicating observations and adjustments with the partner during the match.
Positioning and Strategy:

Discussion on determining which partner plays on the left or right side.
Consideration of strengths, such as forehand drives or drop shots, in positioning.
Adapting strategies based on partner dynamics and opponent matchups.
Positive Mindset:

Emphasis on maintaining a positive attitude regardless of the match outcome.
Providing constructive feedback and encouragement to the partner during the game.
Covering the Middle:

Advising to cover the middle of the court to force opponents to hit to the sides.
Discussing strategies for dealing with fast opponents and retrieving lobs.
Playing to Partner’s Strengths:

Utilizing partners’ strengths, such as speed or agility, in gameplay.
Adjusting one’s own game to complement the partner’s strengths.
Equipment Awareness:

Recognizing the importance of equipment feel and techniques.
Avoiding mishandling or mistreating pickleballs during play.
Drills and Skill Development:

Importance of advanced drills for improving consistency and accuracy.
Focusing on hitting balls to specific targets and controlling ball speed.
Tournament Previews:

Announcement of upcoming pickleball tournaments with dates, locations, and registration details.
Mention of various tournaments, including dinking in the delta, Spring Fling, heart and soul pickleball tournament, and Nola Pickle Fest.
Acknowledgment of a Loss:

Recognition of the passing of a local pickleball player, Paul Perry, and offering condolences.


Closing remarks and goodnight wishes to the audience.
Overall, the podcast covers a range of topics related to playing with a partner for the first time, including communication, strategy, mindset, equipment awareness, skill development, and upcoming tournaments.

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