West Bank Pickleball Courts

West Bank Pickleball Courts – A Local Gem in St. Charles Parish

West Bank Pickleball Courts – A New Hotspot for St. Charles Pickleball Players

Major improvements have transformed the West Bank Bridge Park into a modern sports facility.

On April 25th, these upgrades were unveiled to the public, marking a significant moment for our community.

Experiencing the Upgraded West Bank Pickleball Courts

Last Thursday, St. Charles Parish proudly introduced the new-look park.

This event celebrated the completion of Phase I of the West Bank Bridge Park Improvements.

The Transformation Journey

The revitalization project began in August 2023 and took eight months.

New synthetic turf infields and fresh grass outfields were installed, complete with modern irrigation.

Additionally, updates to fencing, backstops, and dugouts were made.

But the highlight for us pickleball enthusiasts? The installation of four new pickleball courts.

Features of the New Pickleball Courts

  • The courts are expertly designed, facing north to south for ideal sun positioning.
  • Each court is separated by fences, features wind screens, and boasts ample room on all sides.
  • Moreover, the courts are equipped with new poles and LED lighting, ensuring visibility at night.
  • Court 3 even has a practice wall for solo drills or when you’re waiting for a match.

A Minor Oversight

The only flaw noted was the placement of the entrance at the baseline of court 1.

This could disrupt games on court 1, so choose your court wisely when you visit.

Our Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony Experience

Aj and I, along with a few of the Pontiff Ballers, attended the ribbon ceremony.

The event drew about 200 attendees, though the crowd for pickleball was smaller.

Thankfully, we didn’t face much wait time for matches, making our games more enjoyable.

The spacious design of the courts added to our experience, making it worth the drive.

Conclusion: West Bank Pickleball Courts

The West Bank Pickleball Courts are a fantastic addition to our local sports facilities.

If you’re a pickleball player in St. Charles Parish, or you are interested in the game, these courts are a must-visit.

Despite the small hiccup with the entrance placement, the overall experience is top-notch.

See you on the courts!

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