P360 Sports Glasses Review

P360 Sports Glasses Review

Are you tired of pickleball glasses that fog up, trap heat, and disrupt your game? Say hello to P360 Sports Glasses, a revolutionary product that promises to enhance your sporting experience.

Why Choose P360 Sports Glasses?

The P360 offers a fog-free experience thanks to its innovative open lens design. With no actual lenses, these glasses prevent any vision obstruction caused by fogging – a true breakthrough in sports eyewear technology.

First Impressions and Performance

When I first tried the P360, I was skeptical. How could lensless glasses provide enough protection and clarity? However, the sleek design and the clear frame changed my perspective. The glasses are extremely lightweight, making them comfortable for extended wear. Yet, during intense games, I found it challenging to see the NVZ line without looking down.

Protec 360 Pickleball Glasses

Patented Open Lens Technology

The P360 utilizes a patented “Open Lens” technology that is both a solution and a new challenge. The open space in the frame allows for unobstructed vision and prevents fogging. However, for sports like pickleball, viewing low balls requires looking through the non-optical part of the frame, which can be distracting.

Advantages of P360 Sports Glasses

  • No Fogging: Completely eliminates the fogging issue.
  • Comfort: So lightweight and comfy, you might forget you’re wearing them!
  • Versatility: Comes in various colors to match your style.
  • Safety: Certified by the World Squash Federation, offering robust eye protection.

Is P360 Right For You?

If you play pickleball at a beginner or intermediate level, these glasses are perfect. They provide the necessary protection without the complications of fogged lenses. However, advanced players might find the frame’s lower part a bit limiting during dink rallies.

Product Specifications and Guarantee

P360 glasses are designed for durability and comfort. They come with a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects, though wear and tear parts are not covered. Each pair features an adjustable, color-coded strap for a secure fit.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the P360 Sports Glasses stand out for their innovative design and functionality. They are particularly suited for players who prioritize comfort and clarity in their eyewear. Although they have some limitations in high-level play, they offer a significant improvement over traditional sports glasses.


Do P360 Sports Glasses come in different sizes?

Yes, the P360 glasses are one size fits all, with an adjustable strap to ensure a perfect fit for every head size.

Can P360 glasses be used for sports other than pickleball?

Absolutely! They are ideal for any high-velocity ball sports, such as squash, tennis, and badminton.

What if I find a defect in my Protec 360 glasses?

If you discover a manufacturing defect upon unboxing, Protec360 will replace your glasses at no extra cost.

Purchase Your P360 Sports Glasses

Ready to protect your eyes? Get your P360 Sports Glasses today on the Protec official website for as low as $47!

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