Pickleball HexaGrip

Pickleball HexaGrip: An Affordable Alternative with Trade-offs

I bought the Porsvik Pickleball HexaGrip to test out the difference between it and another product I reviewed previously. You can check out my previous review of a similar product, the Hesacore Pickleball Tour Grip, here: Hesacore Pickleball Tour Grip Review. The Porsvik Grip offers several features, but it comes with trade-offs compared to the Hesacore grip.

Why Consider Pickleball HexaGrip?

Porsvik Pickleball HexaGrip claims to introduce Hexagonal Grip technology, which offers a balance between comfort and efficiency. This technology expands the contact surface between your hand and the handle, providing a decent grip. Here’s why you might consider this product:

Enhanced Grip Strength

The innovative design of the HexaGrip increases grip strength, allowing for a more secure hold with less effort. While it enhances grip, the experience might not match higher-end alternatives.

Control and Power

The HexaGrip technology provides more friction and finger support, helping with control and power. However, it may not offer the same level of precision and spin as more expensive grips.

Sweat-Resistant and Slip-Proof

The Porsvik Pickleball Grip ensures a firm hold even in the most intense matches. This feature is beneficial for players who struggle with maintaining grip due to sweat, but it may not be as effective as premium grips.

Perfect for Overgrip Use

For optimal results, remove your original grip, install the HexaGrip, and wrap a new overgrip on top of it. This combination offers reasonable performance and comfort, but it might not match the top-tier options.

Installation and Usage

Installing the Porsvik Pickleball Grip is easy. Simply remove the original grip, clean the handle with soapy water, and slide the new grip on. Make sure to spray water on it first and stretch it during installation. This grip provides a tactile feel and promotes “soft hands” at the non-volley zone (NVZ) line.

Comparing with Hesacore Pickleball Tour Grip

While the Pickleball HexaGrip is an affordable product, it’s worth comparing it to the Hesacore Pickleball Tour Grip, which I reviewed earlier. The Hesacore grip, priced at $24.90, offers superior vibration absorption, making it ideal for players who suffer from tennis elbow. The HexaGrip is slimmer and more affordable at $17.99, making it a decent option for those with smaller hands or those looking for a budget-friendly alternative. However, the Hesacore grip provides a better overall experience.

Pickleball HexaGrip
Pickleball HexaGrip


What is Pickleball HexaGrip?

This is a grip designed for pickleball paddles, offering basic control, comfort, and grip strength.

How does HexaGrip technology work?

HexaGrip technology expands the contact surface between your hand and the handle, providing better grip and control.

Is the HexaGrip sweat-resistant?

Yes, the Grip is sweat-resistant and slip-proof, ensuring a firm hold during matches.

How do I install the Pickleball HexaGrip?

Remove the original grip, clean the handle with soapy water, and slide the new grip on. Spray water on it first and stretch it during installation.

How does the Pickleball HexaGrip compare to the Hesacore Pickleball Tour Grip?

While the Hesacore grip offers superior vibration absorption and overall performance, the Pickleball HexaGrip is a more affordable, slimmer option. Check out my full review of the Hesacore Pickleball Tour Grip here.

Pickleball HexaGrip Verdict

The Pickleball HexaGrip is a budget-friendly alternative that provides decent control and comfort. However, it does not match the performance and vibration absorption of the Hesacore grip. If you are looking for an affordable option and have smaller hands, the Pickleball HexaGrip might be suitable. For superior performance and comfort, consider investing in the Hesacore grip. Upgrade your paddle today and experience the difference with the Porsvik Pickleball HexaGrip or the Hesacore Pickleball Tour Grip!

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