Vatic Prism Flash

Vatic Prism Flash – Best Pickleball Paddle under $100

Vatic Prism Flash

The Vatic Prism Flash is making waves in the pickleball community with its unbeatable price and high-end features. Designed for players who find thermoformed paddles too powerful and traditional honeycomb paddles too soft, this paddle strikes the perfect balance.

Vatic Prism Flash: From the Manufacturer

The Vatic Pro Prism Carbon Fiber 16mm paddle features foam-injected walls and includes a paddle cover. The PRISM series is a reimagined, affordable carbon fiber pickleball paddle that offers durability and a nimble feel. With polyurethane inserts, shock absorption is reduced, providing players with more feel. This series is ideal for those who think thermoformed paddles are too powerful but find traditional sandwich-style paddles too soft.

The unique cold-molding approach of the PRISM series adds control and touch without relying on intense heat. This results in less raw power but greater control and plushness. Foam-injected walls, created through a non-heat-intensive process, contribute to the paddle’s unibody construction. This design enhances versatility and durability.

Featuring a greater cross-sectional area, the paddle distributes loads more evenly, resisting deformation effectively. This ensures controlled power throughout the paddle, even on mishits. The Vatic Prism Flash is USAPA approved and used by top PPA professionals. The raw T700 carbon fiber face produces more spin and longevity than fiberglass or graphite counterparts, making it a top choice for everyday players.


  • Paddle Weight: 7.7–7.9 oz (14 mm paddle) / 7.9–8.2 oz (16 mm paddle)
  • Paddle Length: 16 ⅓”
  • Paddle Width: 7 ⅔”
  • Handle Length: 5 ⅓”
  • Grip Circumference: 4 ⅛”
  • Paddle Face Material: Raw Toray T700 carbon fiber
  • Core Material: Polymer honeycomb
  • Edge Guard: Anti-abrasion TPU
  • Core Thickness: 14 mm or 16 mm (0.55″ or 0.63″)
  • Sweet Spot: Medium

Vatic Prism Flash: Personal Review

The Vatic Pro Prism Flash is causing quite a stir among pickleball players. With its low price and high-end specs, it’s built for those who find thermoformed paddles too powerful and traditional honeycomb paddles too soft. It offers great control, amazing spin, and plenty of power, making it a serious contender among elite paddles.

One drawback that I noticed is a slightly inconsistent sweet spot. If you can manage this, you’ve got a powerful paddle at an incredible price.

Buy if:

  • You want an elite-performing paddle at a bargain price.
  • This plays like a $200+ paddle at half the cost.
  • You’re looking for a control paddle.
  • This excels in long dink exchanges, 3rd shot drops, serves, and drives.
  • You want a complete paddle that delivers on control, and spin.

Pass if:

  • You prefer a lighter and quicker paddle.
  • This paddle isn’t very aerodynamic.
  • You’re a big tournament player. While it’s tournament-ready, it’s not on the same level as the CRBN-2X or the Joola Hyperion C2.
  • You prefer thermoformed paddles.

Right out of the box, the Vatic Pro Prism Flash feels like a high-end $200+ paddle. Its strong, premium feel is surprising given its price. This paddle provides great accuracy and spin, comparable to elite paddles like the JOOLA Hyperion.


Foam Edge Walls

This feature first appeared in the Hyperion and is now available in a $100 paddle. It showcases how advanced paddle technology has become in recent years.

Unibody Design

The unibody design means the paddle head and handle are made from one piece of carbon. This results in a stronger neck joint, reducing the likelihood of the paddle snapping. The Vatic Pro uses a unibody design where carbon runs throughout the paddle, ensuring long-lasting durability.


Priced at under $100, the Vatic Pro Prism Flash offers incredible value for money. It competes with paddles costing $200 or more, providing everything you’d want from a raw carbon fiber paddle: moderate power, great control, and good spin.

Comparison to Other Paddles

Previously, the ONIX Graphite Z5 was considered the best paddle under $100. However, the PRISM Flash outperforms it in every category. It’s proven to be a highly performing control paddle with a light swing weight and a comfortable factory grip. The extended grip is especially nice for hitting two-handed backhands.

Unlike cheaper paddles, the PRISM Flash shows no signs of damage or performance drop over time. The spin remains high after consistent use. The included paddle cover is a nice bonus, making it highly recommended for anyone getting into competitive play or seeking a solid paddle at an affordable price.

Durability and Performance

The Vatic Pro Prism Flash uses many materials and technologies found in expensive premium paddles. The Toray T700 carbon fiber adds durability and spin, comparable to elite paddles like the JOOLA Hyperion.

The foam edge walls, first seen in the Hyperion, are now available in a $100 paddle, highlighting the advancement in paddle technology. The unibody design is another premium feature, usually found in top paddles like the CRBN Power Series.

Despite the low price, the PRISM Flash offers elite performance. It’s lightweight, has a comfortable handle, and provides great spin and control. The carbon face texture is comparable to the best on the market.

Value for Money

The Vatic Pro Prism Flash is unmatched in its price range. It offers great value, combining control, spin, and power. If you’re looking to try raw carbon fiber paddles without the $200+ price tag, now’s your chance.

This paddle is ideal for beginners to intermediate players, providing an improvement in control and touch. It’s perfect for dinking, resets, and third shot drops. The paddle is not the most powerful but offers moderate power and good control. The light weight helps with maneuvering quickly around the net.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vatic Prism Flash

Is the Vatic Prism Flash suitable for beginners?

Yes, the Vatic Prism Flash is great for beginners. Its control and spin capabilities help new players improve their game.

What makes the Vatic Prism Flash different from other paddles?

The unique cold-molding approach, foam edge walls, and unibody design set it apart from other paddles in its price range.

How does the Vatic Prism Flash compare to more expensive paddles?

It offers similar performance to $200+ paddles, with great control, spin, and moderate power at a fraction of the cost.

Is the Vatic Prism Flash durable?

Yes, the unibody design and high-quality materials ensure long-lasting durability.

Vatic Prism Flash – Affordable Pickleball Paddles

The Vatic Prism Flash offers exceptional value, combining features found in high-end paddles at an affordable price. With its control, spin, and durability, it’s a top choice for players looking to elevate their game without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate player, the Vatic Prism Flash provides everything you need to improve your skills and enjoy the game. Currently available on Amazon for $99.99.

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