Hesacore Pickleball Tour Grip

Hesacore Pickleball Tour Grip Review

Many pickleball players are always on the lookout for ways to improve their game, from experimenting with the latest new paddles to finding the best overgrips. However, the undergrip—a key component that connects the paddle to your hand—often receives less attention. It’s worth noting that there are now products designed specifically to enhance this connection, which could offer subtle yet significant improvements to how you play. I recently explored the Hesacore Pickleball Tour Grip to see if it lives up to its promise of transforming the playing experience. After thorough testing and feedback from numerous players, here’s an in-depth review of this innovative product.

First Impressions and Installation

Opting for the Small size, I adjusted the overgrip loosely to accommodate my larger hands. The finger grooves immediately stood out, providing a comfortable and secure feel. The grip’s design ensures a seamless “no look” fit every time, significantly reducing the time it takes for grip adjustments during play.

Installing the Hesacore grip, though requiring some effort, is a one-time investment into comfort and performance. It’s designed to replace your OEM grip, sitting underneath any overgrip you choose to add. This setup enhances grip strength, minimizes vibrations, and offers rapid grip switches thanks to the hexagonal divots.


Performance on the Court

The grip upgrades control and comfort much like a modern steering wheel outperforms those from the 1960s. It naturally fits in the hand, making the paddle an extension of oneself. This proves especially beneficial for those with tennis elbow or in search of a secure grip without the pressure.

Suitable for all paddle types, it boosts torque and precision in shots such as the forehand topspin and backhand roll volley. Its durable, ergonomic hexagon shape ensures comfort during extended play, aiding rapid grip changes and enhancing playability.

I installed this grip on my Joola Hyperion C2, which I believe possesses an excellent tactile response, even in the absence of the grip. In my opinion, employing this grip on a stiffer paddle, such as the Gearbox or Power Air, could enhance the benefits related to vibration dampening significantly.

Ergonomic Benefits and Durability

My prolonged use highlighted the grip’s durability and ergonomic benefits. Its silicone material and hexagonal design conform to the hand’s natural shape, providing support and reducing vibrations. Whether you suffer from sweaty palms or seek to alleviate hand soreness, the Hesacore Tour Grip addresses these concerns with its thoughtful design.

Installation Tips and Variants

For those concerned about installation, a simple trick is to soak the grip in hot water briefly to soften it, making the process smoother. The grip is available in different sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for every hand. For players with small hands or preferring a tighter grip, the Extra Small variant is recommended, while those looking for a firmer feel should consider the Carbon version.

Hesacore Pickleball Tour Grip: Where to Buy

The Hesacore Pickleball Tour Grip stands out as a revolutionary accessory for any pickleball player seeking to enhance their game. With its ergonomic design, vibration reduction, and increased control, it’s an investment worth considering. To experience the benefits yourself, visit Hesacore’s official store.

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