Backhand Dinks on the Stretch

Backhand Dinks on the Stretch: Tips & Techniques

Backhand Dinks on the Stretch: Elevate Your Game

Improving your backhand dinks on the stretch is crucial for any player looking to elevate their game. This technique can save you in tight situations and turn the tide during a match.

Why Work on Your Backhand Dink on the Stretch?

Working on this skill ensures that you’re prepared for every ball. It allows for better control and saves energy during crucial moments. Here’s how you can master it:

Getting Closer to the Ball

Take that extra side step to get as close to the ball as possible. Keep your head as close to the ball as possible. Many players rely on their arms when stretching for a dink. Instead, bring your head down closer to the bounce. This technique helps in achieving better precision and control.

Gripping the Paddle Lower

One effective method to improve control during backhand dinks on the stretch is to grip the paddle lower. Holding the paddle closer to the handle’s base reduces the leverage and gives you more control over the paddle face. This grip adjustment can significantly enhance your ability to direct the ball precisely where you want it to go. It’s a simple adjustment but can make a substantial difference in your game.

Limit Your Wrist Motion

There’s little to no wrist action in a perfect backhand dink on the stretch. Use your shoulder to direct the shot. It involves your torso, making the motion easier to control. This approach not only improves accuracy but also leverages your body’s strength more effectively.

The Importance of Lifting

Staying low and lifting are key. If you’re down low and lift, you avoid getting wristy. This movement makes the technique more achievable under pressure. By lifting, you’re engaging your large muscle groups, which saves energy and enhances performance.

Choosing the Safer Shot

Pros often go cross court and close to the net when stretched wide. Aim for the inside foot of either opponent when you’re stretched. This safer shot is easier due to the net being lower in the middle. It’s a great reset, reducing the risk of an unforced error or setting up your opponent for a counter.


How can I improve my backhand dink on the stretch?

Focus on getting closer to the ball, gripping the paddle lower, limiting wrist motion, lifting from a low position, and choosing safer shots.

Why is limiting wrist motion important?

It ensures better control and leverages your body’s strength, making your shots more precise and less energy-consuming.

What is the benefit of choosing the safer shot?

It minimizes the risk of errors and strategic disadvantages, allowing for a more controlled and strategic play.

Mastering backhand dinks on the stretch is not just about practicing the shot itself. It involves understanding the mechanics, making smart choices on the court, and using your body efficiently. With these tips, you’re on your way to becoming a more formidable player.

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