Lizard Skins Pickleball Grip Review

Lizard Skins Pickleball Grip Review

An Unbiased, Detailed Analysis

Lizard Skins Pickleball Grip Review: Exploring the true capabilities of the Lizard Skins Pickleball Grip through an unbiased lens, I’ll share my personal experience alongside the manufacturer’s promises.

Understanding the Lizard Skin Promise

According to Lizard Skins, their DSP Ultra Pickleball Grip offers non-slip performance and supreme comfort, crafted from Durasoft Polymer Ultra. They tout a grip that’s adaptable to any weather, promising unmatched durability and tackiness.

My Journey with Installation

I decided to test these claims by installing the grip over my existing Hesacore undergrip on a paddle with a longer handle (My Joola Hyperion C2). The process was straightforward, though it required stretching the grip slightly to ensure it covered the entire handle. This hands-on experience gave me a deeper appreciation for the grip’s flexibility and adhesive quality. Although I had to reapply it a few times, the adhesive continued to stick, and it didn’t break.

First Impressions: Texture and Comfort

Immediately noticeable was the grip’s distinct texture. Unlike others that offer a powdery feel, Lizard Skin’s grip felt soft yet tacky, providing a firm hold without discomfort. The triangular pattern, added a subtle, unique touch that did not go unnoticed, and feels great in my hand.

Dealing with the Length

The grip’s length was a concern initially, especially with my preference for longer handles due to my larger hands. By stretching the grip more tightly than I might have otherwise, I managed to fit it perfectly around my paddle. I overlapped the grip on each rotation about 1/8 of an inch. This experience highlighted the grip’s adaptability, though it’s worth noting for players with similar preferences.

The Finish Band: A Nice Touch

Completing the installation, the color-matched finish band not only secured the grip in place but also enhanced the paddle’s overall aesthetics. It’s a small detail that underscores Lizard Skin’s attention to both function and form.

Durability: To Be Continued

The lizard skins pickleball grip impressed me from the outset. Despite my brief experience, its quality surpasses other overgrips I’ve tried. The tackiness enhances my control, and the added cushioning offers extra comfort. It exudes a sense of solidity, hinting at a durable lifespan, though future use will confirm this.

My evaluation of its durability is ongoing. Early indicators are favorable, suggesting it withstands wear well. I aim to provide a more comprehensive update on its performance after prolonged usage, sharing specific experiences and any wear patterns observed.

Addressing Common Questions

Material and Feel

The grip’s Durasoft Polymer construction is the secret behind its soft, tacky feel. This material choice sets it apart from traditional synthetic rubbers, offering both comfort and a non-slip surface.

Optimal Thickness for Performance

At 0.8mm, the grip strikes a perfect balance between providing control and maintaining comfort, even for players with larger hands or those who prefer a more substantial feel.

Comparative Analysis

When compared to other grips I’ve used, Lizard Skin’s offering stands out for its ease of installation, especially over an undergrip, and its exceptional feel. While slightly short for longer handles, its performance in grip and comfort is unrivaled.


Designed to fit any pickleball paddle, this grip proves its versatility and adaptability, making it a top choice for players of all levels seeking a confortable feel.

Installation Insights

Applying the grip over a Hesacore undergrip offered a firsthand look at its premium adhesive quality and the importance of stretching for a snug fit. The included finish band not only secures the grip but also adds a polished look to the paddle.

Wrapping Up My Lizard Skins Pickleball Grip Review

My initial review of the Lizard Skins Pickleball Grip reveals a product that lives up to its promises, with a few considerations for personal preference regarding handle length and grip size. It’s a significant upgrade that I recommend to any player looking to improve their grip and overall gameplay.

Lizard Skin Pickleball grips feel great, but my recommendation is to order the Lizard Skins grips for other sports if your paddle has a longer handle. Pickleball specific overgrips are usually shorter and about the same price. But beware of the difference from grips for other sports is that the thickness may be different. My advice is to purchase one of the longer grips that are made by Lizard Skins for other sports. You may however have to cut the end yourself.

  • The Length of the pickleball grips are 31.25 inches (79.4 cm) with pre-cut ends and Thickness of 0.8 mm
  • The lacrosse grips are 39 inches (99 cm) in length with pre-cut ends and 0.5 millimeter thickness
  • The Hockey grips are 39 inches (99 cm) or (160 cm) in length with pre-cut ends and 0.5 millimeter thickness
  • Baseball bat grips are 39 inches (99 cm) in length with pre-cut ends and you can choose Thickness of 0.5 mm, 1.1 mm and 1.8 mm

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