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Tourna Specs Review

Tourna Specs Review: True Potential of Blue Lens Eyewear

Do you want clear vision and reliable eye protection on the court? Tourna Specs claim to provide both. Let’s dive into what they offer and my own experience with them.

Blue Tourna Specs

What Are Tourna Specs?

Tourna Specs pickleball glasses are designed to improve your vision and protect your eyes. They come with a promise of enhanced visibility and safety. Each lens color has its own benefits. The blue lens (which I tested), for example, makes yellow pickleballs pop against various backgrounds.

The glasses boast a wide structure for full visibility. A special coating supposedly prevents fogging and scratches. The frames are customizable, and a snug strap keeps them in place. They meet stringent safety standards, including ANSI Z87.1 and ASTM F803.

Features of Tourna Specs Eyewear Blue

  • Optically correct lenses that eliminate distortion
  • UV 500 coating for protection against harmful rays
  • Shatterproof, polycarbonate lenses
  • Blue lenses enhance the contrast of yellow balls
  • Meets the ASTM F impact standard F803-97

What Does the Manufacturer Claim?

The manufacturer highlights several key features:

  • Shatterproof Polycarbonate construction
  • Passed the ASTM F 803-97 test
  • Blue Lens for better visibility in various conditions
  • Lightweight design with adjustable temples for comfort
  • Wrapped lens design for minimal gaps and enhanced protection
  • UV coated and anti-fog, anti-scratch treated

My Personal Experience with Tourna Specs

I found that playing with these pickleball glasses are like turning on the lights while getting great UV protection. The visibility during outdoor play is excellent, especially on overcast or cloudy days.

These glasses really make the ball stand out on the court. They wrap around your head, providing good eye protection. However, the strap felt a bit cheap.

The specs offer a clear view of play. The bottomless frame design is particularly helpful. It keeps the kitchen line in clear view without any obstruction.

The blue tint enhances the clarity of yellow pickleballs, making everything brighter and clearer. These glasses are comfortable, though the blue lens can be too dark for indoor use.

They fit tightly and have a rubber-type seal against the forehead. They still fog up from sweating, but not too badly. The lenses clear up quickly.

Pros and Cons of Tourna Specs


  • Enhanced visibility with blue tint
  • Comfortable, lightweight, and snug fit
  • Shatterproof and meets high safety standards
  • Affordable price for the quality provided
  • Wrap-around design minimizes gaps


  • Strap quality could be better
  • Can be too dark for indoor use
  • Soft nose piece tends to pop off
  • Still fogs up in high humidity

Frequently Asked Questions About Tourna Specs

Are Tourna Specs good for playing pickleball?

Yes, they are great for pickleball. The blue lens enhances the yellow color of the ball, making it easier to see.

Do Tourna Specs prevent fogging?

They have an anti-fog coating, but they can still fog up in high humidity. However, they clear up quickly.

Are these glasses durable?

Yes, they are made of shatterproof polycarbonate and are designed to last.

Can I wear them for other sports?

Yes, they are ideal for tennis, golf, baseball, and any sport requiring clear vision and eye protection.

Is the price worth it?

For the quality and protection they offer, Tourna Specs are definitely worth the price. These pickleball glasses are listed for sale on Amazon for $16.99.

Tourna Specs Package

In conclusion, Tourna Specs provide excellent visibility and protection for athletes. While they have some minor drawbacks, their benefits far outweigh these. They are a valuable addition to any player’s gear.

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