Diadem Vice Review

Diadem Vice Review

Exploring the Diadem Vice: A Revolutionary Pickleball Paddle

A year ago, the Diadem Vice Pickleball paddle set new standards in the market. Today, we compare its technology with newer paddles.

Diadem Vice vs. Gearbox Pro Power Paddle

The Diadem Vice offers more net play pop, whereas the Gearbox excels in baseline power.

Diadem Vice

Diadem Vice Review

The Diadem Vice paddle is renowned for its groundbreaking integration of an EVA foam core and RP2 Grit Coating, which collectively contribute to unparalleled vibration dampening and a soft play experience. This feature is particularly beneficial for players who suffer from arm issues. Furthermore, it boasts an edgeless design that significantly enhances durability and provides a seamless appearance. This is made possible through its Core Molding System (CMS) and the utilization of high-grade carbon fiber on the sides.

Although requiring an adjustment period, the Vice provides exceptional control once players are accustomed to its dynamics. Its lightweight design allows for quick, precise shots, making it a notable option for those interested in the future of pickleball technology​​.

Gearbox Pro Power Paddle

The Gearbox Pro Power Paddles are renowned for their baseline power, durability, and innovative design. These paddles are preferred by players who emphasize strength and power in their gameplay, offering robust construction and performance-enhancing features.

The choice between the Diadem Vice and the Gearbox Pro Power Paddle depends on individual playing styles and preferences. The Vice offered cutting-edge technology last year and comfort for players with arm concerns, while the Gearbox is suited for those seeking power and durability in their shots. Gearbox has in my opinion almost caught up with the Vice concept paddle.

Understanding the Diadem Vice

The Vice is not for USAP tournaments but hints at future innovations. It introduces EVA foam for the core, offering unparalleled feel, power, and control.

Its RP2 Grit Coating ensures lasting spin, while the Core Molding System provides an edgeless appearance. This paddle is designed for players seeking the ultimate pickleball experience.

Pickleball Paddle Review: Diadem Vice Key Takeaways

  • Not tournament approved, focusing on recreation play.
  • Offers significant power and spin, with a unique sound signature. The speed of the ball coming off of the paddle, is deceiving from the sound.
  • The foam core enhances power without sacrificing control.

Pickleball Paddle Specifications

With an 8.0 oz weight and a length of 16.4 inches, the Vice combines EVA Foam with high-grade carbon fiber for a superior playing experience.

Is the Diadem Vice Paddle Legal?

Although not legal for tournament play, the Vice shines in recreational settings, particularly where noise is a concern.

Exclusive Insights from Evan Speck, Co-Founder of Diadem

Evan Speck shares the vision behind the Vice, emphasizing its unique construction and potential to shape the future of pickleball.

FAQs About the Diadem Vice

What Makes the Vice Special?

Its EVA foam core and RP2 Grit Coating set it apart, offering unmatched comfort, sound, and performance.

Why an EVA Foam Vice Paddle?

After extensive development, Diadem introduced EVA foam to revolutionize paddle performance, focusing on player comfort and enhanced gameplay.

Diadem’s Vision for the Vice

While not seeking USAP approval, Diadem aims to push the boundaries of pickleball equipment, offering a glimpse into the sport’s innovative future.

The Fun Factor of the Diadem Vice

Playing with the Diadem Vice is an exhilarating experience. Its unique design and innovative features bring a new level of enjoyment to the game. The paddle’s ability to impart significant spin and power, combined with its distinctive sound, adds a fun and engaging dimension to pickleball play. Whether you’re at the net or the baseline, the Vice ensures a lively and dynamic game.

Why the Diadem Vice Shines Beyond Tournaments

Even though the Diadem Vice is not approved for tournament play, it stands out as an excellent paddle for recreational use. Its innovative features, such as the EVA foam core and RP2 Grit Coating, offer players a unique combination of control, power, and spin. These attributes make it a fantastic choice for players looking to enhance their game or simply enjoy the sport. The Vice’s design caters to a broad range of playing styles, making every match memorable.

The Future of Pickleball Paddles: Drawing the Line

The evolution of pickleball paddles, as seen with the Diadem Vice, raises questions about the future direction of the sport. While the pursuit of more speed and power can bring excitement, it also prompts a debate on balancing these attributes with the sport’s integrity and accessibility. As technology advances, the pickleball community will need to consider where to draw the line to ensure the sport remains enjoyable and fair for players at all levels. The Diadem Vice represents a step into uncharted territory, challenging players and manufacturers to think about what the future of pickleball should look like.

For more information and to purchase the Diadem Vice Pickleball Paddle, visit Amazon.

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