Why Is It Called The Kitchen In Pickleball

Why Is It Called The Kitchen In Pickleball?

Have You Ever Wondered About The Pickleball Kitchen Meaning, Its Origin, Or Its Rules?

Many sports, including pickleball, use strange terminology that others may not widely understand. While playing, you can hear pickleballers everywhere referring to ‘the kitchen’. This term can be a cause for confusion among some players who have never heard it. The kitchen is simply another word for the non-volley zone on either side of the net. Here is some key information regarding this area and the pickleball kitchen rules.

The Kitchen: Understanding the Non-Volley Zone and the Pickleball Kitchen Rules

As the name suggests, if you hit any volleys while standing in this area, we consider it a fault. Remember, a ‘volley’ is just a ball hit out of the air before it bounces. The line marking the non-volley zone is part of the zone itself, so avoid volleying if your foot is on the line or if your momentum will carry you into the zone right after hitting.

Returning Bounce Shots

Can you hit a ball in the kitchen? Yes, if it first bounces on your side. Many pickleballers excel at low dink shots. These shots lure foes too close to the net. Plan to step into the area? Return the shot, then step out fast. Stay ready outside the kitchen. If not, foes exploit your poor spot.

Why is it called The Kitchen? | Unveiling The Theories Behind the Pickleball Kitchen Origin

Although nobody is completely sure where the term “kitchen” originated, there are several theories that attempt to explain its origin.

The Shuffleboard Theory

One theory suggests that the term was borrowed from the game of shuffleboard. In shuffleboard, the kitchen is the area behind the primary scoring zones called the “10-off” area, which deducts ten points if landed in. Similar to standing in the kitchen in pickleball, you do not want to land in the shuffleboard kitchen.

The “Soup’s On” Theory

Another theory suggests that the term ‘kitchen’ originates from the early 20th-century phrase ‘soup’s on.’ People used this phrase to announce that dinner was ready. They compared the non-volley zone to an area where players must wait, unable to play until the ball bounces, similar to waiting for dinner to be served.

The “Three Dads” Theory

Another theory about the term ‘kitchen’ in pickleball is the ‘three dads theory.’ This theory proposes that the three co-creators of the game, all fathers, originated the name ‘kitchen’ for the non-volley zone. As the story goes, their families were playing badminton but couldn’t find a shuttlecock, so they improvised with a wiffle ball and some paddles. They set up the court on a driveway, and because there was no real net, they used a string that was waist-high. According to one of the fathers, “The dink shot was born because you couldn’t hit it hard with that kind of a net.” He also declared, “We named it the kitchen because you’re supposed to be gentle in the kitchen, the only place in the house where gentleness is expected.”

Why Is It Called The Kitchen In Pickleball?

We hope that this information on the kitchen in pickleball was helpful. But we will probably never know “Why Is It Called The Kitchen In Pickleball“. Top pickleball players stay close to the no volley line. Focus here to boost your game. The kitchen is tough but fun. Long dinking rallies are a joy. Have you heard other theories as to where the name originated? Let us know if so!

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