Slidell Pickle In The Dell 2023

Observing Pickleball from a New Perspective

My 8th Day on the Court

3/18/23 As I arrived at the tournament in Crossgates in Slidell (Pickle In The Dell 2023), I was filled with excitement to see AJ, Dev, Doug, and Jesse compete in this tournament. The wind was cold and strong, but it didn’t stop them from playing their best game. While they played, Patrick, Tuna, Kristen, and I watched and cheered from the second-floor balcony. From this new perspective, I could see the angles to hitting winning shots in the game that I had never observed before.

My Son & Friends’ Performance in the Pickleball Tournament

I was so proud of AJ for moving up to the 4.0 division in this tournament. He had placed 2nd in the 3.5 division in the last tournament that he played in with Tristan. AJ and Dev ended up coming in 3rd place in their first attempt at playing in the 4.0 division, while Doug and Jesse took home the 1st place trophy in the same division. I was thrilled to see them perform so well, and I was grateful to have been able to witness their success firsthand.

Learning New Pickleball Techniques

After the tournament, AJ had me drop him off at Pontiff while I went to the office to get some work done. When I returned to pick him up, he was still practicing. He showed me how to push the backhand shot, rather than punch the hit. It was a small adjustment, but it made a big difference. All of this time, I had been basically punching or attempting to punch my backhand shots, which was why my backhand was so weak. Understanding that the backhand should be pushed rather than hit could really make a difference in my play tomorrow. I felt confident that this new technique would help me to improve my game and take my skills to the next level.

My Progress in the Game

Each day I play pickleball, I learn something new, and I learn how to improve my game. From watching the tournament to practicing with AJ, I had learned a lot about the game on this day. I was grateful for the opportunity to see the game from a new perspective, and I am excited to put my new skills to the test. With each day that passes, I am more and more confident in my abilities, and I am excited to continue my journey to becoming a better player.

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