Pickleball Back Pain

My 3rd Day of Pickleball – Pickleball Soreness

Still Struggling to Remember the Rules

Learning the rules of pickleball can be a challenging experience for beginners, and it was no different for me. On my third day of playing, I was still struggling to remember some of the rules, such as staying out of the kitchen when I slammed a ball and letting the ball bounce before returning it. I was also confused by the score being called out (There are 2 teams, why are we calling 3 numbers?) and had trouble remembering to call out the score each time I served.

Dealing with Soreness

After two days of continuous cardio, my body was starting to feel the strain. I was sore, especially in my lower back, but I didn’t want to give up. Despite the discomfort, I was determined to keep going and improve my game. I was less optimistic going into the third day, but I was willing to push through.

Focusing on Improvement

My goal for the day was to stay back after serving and when my partner served, pay attention to the angle of my paddle, and stay out of the kitchen. I was pleased to find that I did better on these goals than in my previous days of playing. I also hit a few decent shots and even scored the winning point in one match with a serve. However, I still need to work on serving more consistently.

Feeling More Relaxed and Comfortable

As I played with AJ, I started to feel more relaxed and comfortable on the court. I had a little more fun and enjoyed playing with the other players. Even though I still made mistakes, I felt like I was improving and learning.

Considering a Day Off

After three days of playing, my body was feeling the strain, and I was questioning whether I should take a day off to let my body recover. It’s important to listen to your body and know when to take a break, especially as a beginner.

Continuing the Journey

Join me again tomorrow as I continue my journey to learn pickleball and share my experiences, struggles, and victories as a beginner in this exciting and challenging sport. With each day, I learn something new and get closer to becoming a better player. Don’t miss out on my journey!

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