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Day 7: New Dinking Skills and Exciting Wins on My Pickleball Journey

Excitement Builds for Playing at Pontiff

Thursday, 3/17/23, marked my seventh day of playing pickleball, and I couldn’t have been more excited about the day’s events. Today, I was eager to play at Pontiff, Having recently been honing my dinking skills and gaining valuable experience on the court at the Hilton. I arrived with anticipation, ready to test out my newfound abilities and take on new challenges.

First Game with Tuna and Facing Bangers

For my first game, I was partnered with Tuna, a player that was a little more experienced than me. We faced off against a team that was evenly matched with us, but they were known as bangers, players who rely on powerful smashes to dominate the game. This style of play didn’t allow me to fully utilize my dinking skills in the match, but it was still an exciting challenge. In the end, our opponents’ lack of control over their smashes worked in our favor, and we emerged victorious with a score of 11-8.

Second Win with Patrick and the Growing Tiredness

As the day continued, I teamed up with Patrick for my second game. Our partnership was strong, and we managed to secure another win with a score of 11-7. By this point, I was feeling quite tired, but my spirits were high from our victories. AJ, who had been watching from the sidelines, was ready to go home and eat dinner, so we wrapped up our day on the courts and headed home.

Learning from Pickleball Videos and Preparing for Tomorrow

Once we were home, I couldn’t shake my enthusiasm for pickleball. I decided to spend some time watching pickleball videos on YouTube to learn more about serving techniques. These videos proved to be quite informative, teaching me about the different types of serves, when to use them, and why they can be effective. I realized that there’s a huge difference between watching a video and actually executing the techniques in a live game. However, I was eager to try out what I had learned the next day and see if I could put the new knowledge into practice.

Looking Forward to Day 8

As I reflect on my seventh day of pickleball, I am grateful for the lessons I’ve learned and the wins I’ve experienced. Playing with Tuna and Patrick allowed me to witness firsthand the skills of more experienced players and how they handle various situations on the court. The games against bangers provided me with a unique challenge, pushing me to adapt my style of play to counter their aggressive tactics.

Tomorrow, I’ll step onto the court with newfound knowledge from the YouTube videos and the determination to improve my serving techniques. I can’t wait to see how these lessons impact my game and help me grow as a pickleball player.

Join me on my pickleball journey and share in my excitement as I continue to learn, grow, and win.

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