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The Importance of the Right Ball: My 10th Day of Pickleball

On Monday, AJ and I headed back to Pontiff for another day of pickleball. I played the first game of the day with AJ, the second game with Patrick, and the third game with a new player. It was still a little cold outside, but I was ready to play. As we started playing, I quickly realized that the ball we were using made a huge difference because it was slightly heavier. The ball we used today traveled a lot faster than normal. I was really not a fan of the heavier ball (AJ was a fan), but maybe in the future as my skills improve, I will develop a different opinion.

Learning New Techniques

Throughout the day, I continued to learn new techniques and strategies. AJ taught me his seesaw philosophy, which involves taking two steps back and keeping your paddle close to the ground when the opponent’s paddle is above their shoulders. This strategy can be very effective in defending against slams, and it’s something that I plan to incorporate into my game moving forward. I also learned more about when to climb the mountain and when to retreat, which is a key part of playing smart pickleball.

Making Progress

I was pleased to see that I made far fewer mistakes today than in previous games. However, I did catch myself creeping after my serve a few times and attempting to hit the ball too hard. These are areas where I know I need to continue to improve. On a positive note, I have pretty much figured out the score and make sure to call it out each time I serve. I have also figured out where I need to be on the court based on who is serving, which is another step forward in my understanding of the game.

Moving Forward

As I reflect on my progress over the past 10 days, I am proud of how far I’ve come. I have learned so much about the game, and I am becoming a better player with each passing day. Of course, there is always more to learn and more progress to be made, but I am excited about the journey ahead. I know that I will face challenges and setbacks, but I am ready to face them head-on and continue to improve my skills.

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