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Mak Pickleball Hoggox Blade Review

The Höggøx Blade

Yesterday, I received two new paddles from MAK Pickleball for review. Both paddles were the Höggøx model but in different shapes: The Hoggox Standard and the Hoggox Blade. I hadn’t heard much about this small brand, but their interesting claims and intriguing paddle designs piqued my interest. After seeing their Facebook ad and finding only one paddle review online, I was excited to test these paddles and potentially help this lesser-known brand gain some exposure.

First Impressions of the Hoggox Blade

Mak Pickleball Hoggox Blade

The first paddle I play tested was the Hoggox Blade, model H1B. This paddle’s skinnier and longer shape with more head weight is designed for driving through the ball. Typically, the blade shape is used by more experienced players seeking to enhance their reach without sacrificing speed at the net.

Blade Shape Specifications

  • Length & Width: 16″ x 7.25″
  • Thickness: 1/2″ (13mm)
  • Handle Length: 5.25″

The Blade is perfect for players who want to maximize power and spin. As a bigger guy (6’1″, 275 lbs), I typically prefer control paddles. However, this 13mm paddle was noticeably powerful, offering more pop than my usual control paddles like the Hyperion C2 16mm and the Engage Pursuit Pro1 6.0. Adjusting to this power took some time, but the Blade’s performance was impressive.

Performance and Features

Despite its claims, I didn’t notice any significant increase in spin on my shots. MAK Pickleball claims the Hoggox features Shape the Ball™ technology to enhance spin, but the spin seemed similar to my control paddles. This might indicate the technology works, as the dwell time is much less on a 13mm paddle compared to a 16mm one.

Blade Features

  • USAPA Certified: All MAK paddles meet USA Pickleball’s rigorous testing standards, making them tournament-legal.
  • Shape the Ball™: Designed to provide the ideal amount of spin for perfectly placed drops.
  • Thermoformed Edge: Foam around the paddle’s edge improves balance and speed, increasing the sweet spot area.
  • Power Core: Raw carbon surface grips the ball, offering unmatched precision.
  • Paddle Grip: Vented and tacky cushion grip handle for single-handed play, with enough room for two-handed swings.

Historical Inspiration


The Hoggox name means “hewing axe,” a large axe used for felling trees and as a Viking weapon. Iceland’s colonizer, Flóki Vilgerðarson, reportedly favored a Höggøx as his weapon of choice.

Lightweight Yet Powerful

Weighing only 7.8 ounces, the Hoggox Blade surprised me with its power, almost matching my Diadem Vice. Its lightweight design didn’t compromise on performance. Serves and ground strokes had significant power. Initially, I had to adjust to get my serves deep, but soon I was hitting powerful, topspin serves consistently.

Spin and Control

MAK’s Shape the Ball™ technology aims to increase spin by combining a pliable core with a raw carbon fiber skin. This enhances grip during ball compression, achieving high spin rates and better directional control. My third shot drops seemed short due to less dwell time compared to control paddles, but this could be easily adjusted.

Pricing and Value

Priced at $119.99, the Hoggox Blade offers a lot of paddle for the price. It’s significantly cheaper than many other power paddles on the market. For experienced players looking for a powerful paddle at a reasonable price, the Blade Hoggox is an excellent choice. You can purchase it directly from the MAK Pickleball website, avoiding any middleman costs.

Q&A Section

Is the Hoggox Blade USAPA certified?

Yes, the Hoggox Blade is USAPA certified and approved for tournament play.

What is Shape the Ball™ technology?

Shape the Ball™ technology by MAK enhances spin by using a thinner, more pliable core and raw carbon fiber skin for better grip during ball compression.

How does the Hoggox Blade compare to other power paddles?

The Hoggox Blade offers substantial power and a lightweight design, making it comparable to higher-priced power paddles like the Gearbox Pro Power Fusion, and the Diadem Vice.

What is the weight of the Hoggox Blade?

The Hoggox Blade weighs 7.8 ounces, making it lightweight yet still powerful.

Where can I purchase the Hoggox Blade?

You can purchase the Hoggox Blade directly from MAK Pickleball’s website at makpickleball.net.

Final Thoughts on the Hoggox Blade

If you are an experienced pickleball player with a solid all-around game looking for a powerful paddle at a great price, the Hoggox Blade is a fantastic choice. Its combination of power, and spin features makes it a competitive option in the pickleball paddle market.

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  1. I’m really enjoying the Hoggox paddle! The carbon fiber gives the best grip and spin I’ve seen. It also has a nice pop and good balance. My wife keeps trying to take it for herself, but I prefer this paddle over my Selkirk, so I need to get another one.

  2. The Hoggox paddle is well-balanced and light. It’s made a big difference in my game, especially in terms of ball control and speed.

  3. As a pickleball coach, I highly recommend the Hoggox. It’s a great paddle for both casual and serious players. It’s affordable and performs consistently over many matches. My students love that they don’t need to spend a fortune for a professional-grade paddle. It’s responsive and great for both soft shots and powerful smashes.

  4. This is the best paddle I’ve ever used. It’s better than the expensive brands. As a power player, the Höggøx gives me plenty of power and control. The carbon surface grips the ball well, allowing for good spin. After three months, it still looks and performs like new. I need a spare because my friends keep borrowing my backup paddle!

  5. The sweet spot on this paddle is just right, and the carbon fiber provides excellent control. The grip is better than many other paddles I’ve tried.

  6. I started using the Hoggox Paddle from MAK Pickleball in January, and it’s been amazing! The extra control and precision have really helped my game. After a few practice sessions, it felt like I had been using it forever. I even won a gold medal in my first tournament of 2024 using this paddle!

  7. I love the Hoggox paddle. It looks good, feels great, and performs even better! It’s solid but not heavy, and it gives me a lot of power without losing any control. I’ve been able to fine-tune my shots better with this paddle than with any other. It’s a great deal for the price and a must-try for anyone serious about their game.

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