Gen 3 Alternative Paddles

Gen 3 Alternative Paddles

Best Replacements for the Delisted Gen 3 Paddles

Gen 3 De-listing

The USAP recently de-listed the Joola Gen 3 paddles. Consequently, players are now seeking the best Gen 3 alternative paddles that match the Joola Gen 3’s characteristics but are USAP approved.

Why Were Joola Gen 3 Paddles De-listed?

JOOLA Gen-3 paddles were removed from the USA Pickleball (USAP) approved paddle list. JOOLA tried to recertify these paddles, but the newly submitted paddles failed the recertification process and remain delisted. USAP tested the paddles and found they did not meet the approved equipment standards. As a result, these paddles cannot be used in official tournaments.

Impact on Players

Players using JOOLA Gen-3 paddles cannot use them in USAP-sanctioned tournaments. These paddles are illegal for tournament play. Local tournaments in the New Orleans area are also adhering to this decision. Although these tournaments are not official, they are following the USAP ruling.

Recommended Gen 3 Alternative Paddles

Here are some recommendations for alternative paddles that are similar to the Gen-3 paddles but are not likely to be delisted. These alternatives are based on shape, core thickness, handle length, and play characteristics.

These comparisons provide a comprehensive look at how each alternative paddle matches up to the Gen 3 paddles based on the critical performance metrics.

Perseus 3 Ben Johns (14mm)

Data PointPerseus 3Gearbox Pro Power Fusion
FaceCarbon FiberToray Carbon Fiber
Handle Length5.55.5
Weight8.0 oz8.0 oz
Spin (RPM)2,1932,113
Power (MPH)56.957.9
Pop (MPH)38.336.8
Perseus 3 (14mm) vs. Gearbox Pro Power Fusion (14mm)

Perseus 3 Ben Johns (16mm)

Ronbus Pulsar FX.R1
Data PointPerseus 3Ronbus Pulsar FX.R1
FaceCarbon FiberToray Carbon Fiber
Handle Length5.5 inches5.5 inches
Weight8.12 oz8.21 oz
Spin (RPM)2,4872,264
Power (MPH)57.656.3
Pop (MPH)37.336
Perseus 3 (16mm) vs. Ronbus Pulsar FX.R1 (16mm)

Magnus 3 Tyson McGuffin (14mm)

Data PointMagnus 3Volair Mach 1 Forza
FaceCarbon FiberT700 Carbon Fiber
Handle Length5.0 inches5.5 inches
Weight7.9 oz7.8 oz
Spin (RPM)24252332
Power (MPH)57.352.8
Pop (MPH)37.235
Magnus 3 (14mm) vs. Volair Mach 1 Forza (14mm)

Magnus 3 Tyson McGuffin (16mm)

  • Alternative: Pickleball Apes Pro Line Energy S
Data PointMagnus 3Pickleball Apes Pro Line Energy S
FaceCarbon FiberKevlar & Carbon Fiber
Handle Length5 inches5.5 inches
Weight8.06 oz8.1 oz
Spin (RPM)19402192
Power (MPH)55.155.9
Pop (MPH)35.5635.6
Magnus 3 (16mm) vs. Pickleball Apes Pro Line Energy S (16.5mm)

Hyperion 3 Simone Jardim (16mm)

Data PointHyperion 3Engage Pursuit Pro 1 6.0
Paddle TypeCarbon FiberCarbon Fiber
Handle Length5.5 inches5.875 inches
Weight7.8 oz8.0 oz
Spin (RPM)20001959
Power (MPH)54.453.7
Pop (MPH)35.6234.5
Hyperion 3 (16mm) vs. Engage Pursuit Pro1 6.0 (16mm)

Scorpeus 3 Anna Bright (14 mm)

Data PointScorpeus 3Paddletek Bantam TKO-C
Paddle TypeCarbon FiberCarbon Fiber
Handle Length5.5 inches5.25 inches
Weight7.8 oz7.75 oz
Spin (RPM)23101910
Power (MPH)56.954.8
Pop (MPH)38.635.3
Scorpeus 3 (14mm) vs. Paddletek Bantam TKO-C (14.3mm)

Scorpeus 3 Collin Johns (16 mm)

  • Alternative: Honolulu Pickleball Co. J2K
Data PointScorpeus 3Honolulu Pickleball J2K
Paddle TypePolymerPolymer
Handle Length5.5 inches5.5 inches
Weight8.1 oz8.2 oz
Spin (RPM)15901580
Power (MPH)5049
Pop (MPH)7473
Scorpeus 3 (16mm) vs. Honolulu Pickleball J2K

Vatic Pro Oni Flash (16 mm)

Data PointVatic Pro Oni FlashThrive Azul
Paddle TypeCarbon FiberKevlar & Carbon Fiber
Handle Length5.3 inches5.5 inches
Weight8.25 oz8.2 oz
Spin (RPM)19072144
Power (MPH)54.455.9
Pop (MPH)34.435.3
Vatic Pro Oni Flash (16 mm) vs. Thrive Azul (16 mm)

Vatic Pro Oni V7 (16 mm)

Data PointVatic Pro Oni V7CRBN 3X Power Series
Paddle TypeCarbon FiberCarbon Fiber
Handle Length5.3 inches5.25 inches
Weight8.28 oz8.18 oz
Spin (RPM)18921920
Power (MPH)54.853
Pop (MPH)34.333.6
Vatic Pro Oni V7 (16 mm) vs. CRBN 3X Power Series (16 mm)

Ronbus Ripple (16 mm) Alternatives

  • Alternative: R3 Pulsar
  • Features: Balance of power and control.

Improving Your Game

These recommended paddles offer power and pop, similar to the Gen-3s. Therefore, These paddles are top choices for players looking to replace their delisted paddles with the best USAP-approved options.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why were Joola Gen 3 paddles de-listed?
    They were de-listed because the submitted paddles for approval were different from the ones sold.
  2. Can I use delisted paddles in local tournaments?
    Local tournaments adhering to USAP guidelines will not allow delisted paddles. Check with the tournament before signing up.
  3. What are the best alternatives to Gen 3 paddles?
    Paddletek and Engage paddles offer similar power and play characteristics.
  4. Should I use eye protection with powerful paddles?
    Yes, using eye protection is crucial. Read our article on pickleball eye protection.
  5. How do I get a discount on Engage paddles?
    Use code 20Parfait at for 20% off on all Engage paddles.

Gen 3 Alternative Paddles

Finding the best Gen 3 alternative paddles ensures players remain competitive in tournaments. With options like Paddletek and Engage, you can maintain performance while adhering to USAP regulations. Explore these alternatives and enhance your game today!

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