Drew Brees and John McEnroe

Drew Brees and John McEnroe Pickleball

Drew Brees and John McEnroe: A Pickleball Showdown at NOLA Pickle Fest

Former NFL superstar Drew Brees and tennis legend John McEnroe are teaming up for a unique event that combines sports, community, and philanthropy. They will compete in a celebrity exhibition pickleball match, bringing their competitive spirit and love for the game to the NOLA Pickle Fest.

Unveiling the Celebrity Pickleball Match

The match is set to take place on the center court at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. This event is part of the NOLA Pickle Fest, an annual event presented by B1 Bank and benefiting the Brees Dream Foundation.

John McEnroe: A Tennis Legend on the Pickleball Court

John McEnroe, a former number one tennis player in the world, is known for his dominant personality and superb performance on the court. With seventeen Grand Slam titles to his name, McEnroe’s participation adds an exciting dimension to the event.

Community Impact Through Pickleball

Chris Keene, Southeast Louisiana Regional President of B1 Bank, expressed excitement about expanding their partnership with Drew Brees. The NOLA Pickle Fest supports the Brees Dream Foundation’s mission to improve the lives of local children and families.

The Ultimate Pickleball Party

In addition to the celebrity match, the NOLA Pickle Fest features 25 tournament quality PickleRoll courts, live music, VIP experiences, and more. The tournament includes women’s doubles, men’s doubles, and mixed doubles for various skill levels. Featured matches will be played on a center court with grandstand seating and Kern Studio Mardi Gras floats for VIP viewing.

Join the Pickleball Revolution

Experience the ultimate pickleball party and make a difference in the community. Registration for the tournament is now open. Visit www.drewbrees.com to register to play.

Volunteer Opportunities at NOLA Pickle Fest

Not only can you participate in the tournament, but you can also contribute to the event by volunteering. To volunteer, visit www.gnosports.com/volunteer. Be a part of this unique, festival-style pickleball tournament and help make a difference in the community.

McEnroe’s Journey to Pickleball

John McEnroe’s participation in the Pickleball Slam and the celebrity match with Drew Brees signifies his growing interest in the sport. Despite his initial criticism of the game, McEnroe’s involvement in these events shows his evolving perspective on pickleball.

McEnroe’s Previous Remarks on Pickleball

In a previous interview, McEnroe had some harsh words for pickleball, calling it a “cr*ppy” sport and claiming that players are more prone to injuries than in tennis. Despite these remarks, his participation in the upcoming events indicates a change of heart.

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