Pickleball Crawfish Boil

Pickleball Diary – Day 16

Learning from Mistakes and Crawfish Boil with Friends

Playing pickleball can be both exhilarating and challenging, especially when you’re still learning the ropes. And in today’s 16th entry of my pickleball diary, I experienced both the highs and lows of the game. But what makes it even more special is how the day ended with a crawfish boil surrounded by friends who share the same passion for the sport.

The Game

Our pickleball enthusiast started his day by working from the wee hours of the morning until around 10:30 AM. Then, it was time to head to Pontiff Playground to meet up with my pickleball buddies. Upon arriving, AJ and I found Tim and Patrick already in the middle of a game, while Dee watched on the sidelines (She was a trooper because it was already very hot.).

Although it was a hot day, I still managed to play two games with AJ. However, 30 seconds into my first game, I felt a slight pain in my left upper inner thigh. This was the third injury in two days, making me realize the importance of stretching before playing pickleball. Despite playing through the pain, my focus wasn’t 100% on the game. But the good news is that I can now recognize my mistakes immediately after making them.

For instance, Patrick’s slices kept hitting my paddle, causing me to hit the ball into the net. It didn’t take long to realize that angling my paddle a little bit upward could help when volleying a slice. I also forgot to stay back after serving once (creeping), which resulted in Pat returning the ball at my feet (Thanks Pat for keeping me honest).

In our second game, AJ and I played against Tim and one of the other guys. Although I made a few mental errors, I also recognized what I did wrong and learned from it. However, we still lost a competitive game 10 to 12.

The Pickleball Crawfish Boil

After the game, Tim, Dee, and the other guys left, leaving AJ and Pat to play singles while I headed to the warehouse to start washing crawfish. Tuna had mentioned last weekend that she wanted some good crawfish, so Pat and I coordinated to have a crawfish boil, with Mark and Pat hosting the event at their home.

Despite dealing with strong winds while boiling 120 pounds of crawfish, it was still a great time of hanging out and relaxing on a breezy Sunday afternoon. Conversations revolved around pickleball, techniques, and tournaments, with everyone giving each other constructive critiques to improve their game, and getting to know each other more outside of the game.

Day 16 of my pickleball journey showed us that learning from mistakes is essential in becoming better at the game. It’s easy to get frustrated when things don’t go as planned, but recognizing what went wrong and how to improve can make all the difference. And what’s even better is when you can spend time with friends who share your passion for the sport, whether it’s on the court or over a delicious crawfish boil.

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