City Park Pickleball Grand Opening

Exploring City Park’s New Pickleball Courts

Day 14 of My Journal: A Pleasant Surprise at City Park

Today, my son AJ and I decided to check out the newly opened pickleball courts at City Park. As we left work, AJ suggested we try playing there instead of our usual spot at Pontiff. I was excited to see the new facility but worried about the potential crowds. To our surprise, there were only about 20 people playing, and we had four courts to choose from. Unlike the converted tennis courts we typically play on, these courts were built specifically for pickleball. One court had about 6 pretty good players rotating, and the other 3 courts seemed to be a mix of beginners to 3.0 players. I wasn’t ready to pick up a paddle just yet, so I watched AJ play on the more experienced court for 4 games. although it was very windy and it started to sprinkle, the games were very competitive and close.

Unbelievable Shots and New Pains

After watching AJ play on a more experienced court, we played two games together and won both. I was on fire, hitting unbelievable shots that went exactly where I intended. This was a real confidence boost, and I felt like I may finally be getting a handle on the game. However, as we were leaving City Park, I started to feel a little pain above my right heel.

Despite this, we headed to Elmwood Fitness Center to play with some old friends. This was the place that we initially discovered pickleball (To be honest, we didn’t really play much here, more like hit the ball around), so it was nice to go back and play with old friends, and to see how they had developed their game. Comparatively we had improved a lot more than they had, especially AJ. Although we won all three matches, I felt a tightness in my upper inner thigh after stretching out for a ball in the last match. It made me wonder if my body needed a day of rest.

Looking Ahead to the DUPR

As we rode home, AJ and I discussed our plans to attend the DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating) event on April 8th at Pelican Park. We want to get a true idea of our ratings and how we stack up against other players. I’m excited to see where we stand and how much we’ve improved since we first started playing pickleball.

Overall, it was a great day of playing pickleball, despite a few aches and pains. The newly opened courts at City Park were a pleasant surprise, and I’m excited to see how they continue to evolve. Our visit to Elmwood Fitness Center was a reminder of how far we’ve come since we first discovered pickleball, and I’m looking forward to our next visit. And with the DUPR just a few weeks away, I can’t wait to see how we stack up against other players and continue to improve our game. Hopefully, Patrick, Dev, and Mark will join us at the DUPR, I’m also curious to see where they rank. Stay tuned for more updates in my pickleball journal tomorrow.

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