DUPR Pickleball Rating System

DUPR Pickleball Rating System Update

Has DUPR Lost Its Way in the Pickleball Rating System? Share Your Thoughts!

Is DUPR’s Pickleball Rating System Still Trustworthy?

While DUPR may have had good intentions with their newest changes, it seems like they may have lost sight of their goal to provide an accurate and trusted global rating system. Their tag line is “DUPR is The most accurate global rating system trusted by the world’s premier Pickleball clubs, tours, and professionals.” But can we still agree with this statement? Share your thoughts below!

DUPR Pickleball Rating System Algorithm Changes:

A Source of Frustration and Disappointment

Frequent changes to the rating algorithm can be frustrating for users. Especially those who have invested significant time and effort in participating in DUPR rating sessions. The time and commitment of players seem to be overlooked by DUPR, as they frequently make changes to their system with little to no warning. This lack of consideration for the players’ investment is causing confusion and mistrust among the users. Since starting a local club to organize DUPR rating sessions and potentially DUPR tournaments, the algorithm has changed 3 times.

The Impact of DUPR’s Calculation Changes:

In the last week of May, DUPR made a change to their algorithm that caused a huge discrepancy in ratings. It seems that they changed from new non-rated players that historically started at a 3.5 rating, were now beginning at a 2.5 rating. This change and the subsequent reversion back to the old starting point caused a lot of confusion and inconsistency in the ratings. After the reversion, any players that were affected were still left with their previous rating. Meaning that during this period any non rated player or any player that participated against a non rated players recieved an abnormally low rating. And DUPR’s response was log more matches to fix it?

Simplicity vs Complexity:

The new algorithm seems to be simpler, focusing on wins and losses and the expected margin of victory. While simplicity can make a system easier to understand, it does not capture the nuances of player performance as effectively as a more complex system. The previous system, which took into account factors like the source of the match, predicted odds of winning, the current ratings of previous opponents and the recency of playing these opponents, seems to have provided a more comprehensive and accurate rating.

Now, the new formula only takes into account wins and losses, and the expected margin of victory. If a player wins, their rating goes up. If they lose, their rating goes down. The amount of fluctuation is determined by how likely or unlikely the outcome was. Players ratings change anywhere between -0.10 and 0.10. If you were a heavy underdog and won the match you would gain 0.1 and your opponents lose 0.1. And If you were a heavy favorite and won the match you would only gain 0.01. (if there is a disparity of 1.0 between the teams the match has no affect on ratings).

Real-Time Updates: A Silver Lining or Not Enough?

The only good thing that I see from the new changes is that Ratings change immediately upon submission of a match. Both by a digital club or validation by an opponent. But what good are real time updates if they are not accurate?

Investing Time Into DUPR: Is DUPR Still Worth It?

DUPR was on the right track a few months ago. The concept that they were working towards seemed to be very accurate after a player had 20 matches logged. Now they have decided to scrap this idea and revert back to almost basic math? If ratings are going to be based on this simple formula moving forward, why would we even need DUPR?

The Importance of Evenly Matched Games:

We need evenly matched games in my opinion, above caring about your rating. It’s all about enabling court/club/event organizers to create better matches for their players. More competitive games create more enjoyment from participating. But with the uncertainty surrounding DUPR’s rating system, is this still possible? Where do we go from here? Are we beyond repair for DUPR? Share your views and let’s shape the future of pickleball together!

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  1. I’m subbing in a ladder league tonight. I have the highest DUPR rating on my court. I’ve played theses guys many times and they are all good players. It seems to me that I only stand to lose my superior rating by playing on their court. I don’t like that.

    1. Same thing happened to me. I played in a park that just started their Duper ratings so all the people I played I’ve been playing 3.5 for years but we’re only rated as 2.9 and three lotto in Duper as a result we had great games, but my Duper score crashed. . There’s something seriously wrong about the way this is done. I think people should be able to self rate themselves the very first time they go into Duper and have the ratings go from there up or down. But having them start at 2.5 when they’re already three fives just destroys our ratings.

  2. This was a huge step backward. I spent the last 6 months working hard in 4.5 to gain experience. I knew I would not be winning immediately but that was ok because all I had to do it outperform the prediction to have what I considered a fair rating. I lost a lot of matches. Now all of a sudden out of nowhere they change to wins/losses. If I lose 13-15 my score goes down the same as a 15-0 loss. That is so disappointing I have no use for them any more. The league I run used to post scores to DUPR. No more unless they change back. I found DUPR very accurate for heavy recent tournament users before this change. They have started advertising USTA pickleball events. My guess is the owner who comes from a tennis rating background is lining up with USTA ratings so she can run the pickleball tournaments side of the USTA pickleball offerings and pickleballbrackets will be off on it’s own and we’ll never get that data dump they promise because they’ll be competitiors.

    1. I have played in 1 tournament in the 3.0 level in both mixed and men’s. It was a very small tournament with about 100 players. I got a bronze in the mixed and nothing in the men’s doubles.
      I just looked my dupr rating. 3.67. How could the be?
      I have only played 1 tournament, how can they score me so high?

  3. The DUPR system seems to be permanently broken.

    It has created nothing but a headache as we implemented it’s use in our community and player’s ratings do not reflect their abilities most of the time.

    To make matters worse, you can play .500 ball against much better players, lose the games you lose 14-12 and see your DUPR rating decline.

  4. I believe dupr games are not organized correctly. I was a3.57 and dropped to a3.49 because the people i played are all good players but never played dupr. So rated as 2,9 snd 3.0 when they are actually 3.5. So our games were great but there ratings were way below what they were and as a result my rating went way down. I never should have been out with this low a level player regardless of how good they are.

    Also ratings should be rounded up. As a 3.49 i have no competition at a3.0 level but cant play in the 3.5 to improve.

    As a result of these things no one over a3.5 wants to register for dupr games

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